Blackbox Press Kit

Blackbox is an independent shipping company from the creators of Cards Against Humanity. We needed to publicize this new company, earn press, and gain new clients, so we created a physical Press Kit. We were responsible for the creative direction, illustrations, design, and production of the booklet. We also project managed the entire process, from initial ideation to shipping to customers. We worked closely with our printer, Classic Color, to print each piece of collateral. We then managed an external team who hand-assembled each kit. You can order one here.

As Blackbox’s Brand Designer, I pushed to break the structured grid we designed for our identity in order to create a more approachable design. The press kit opens the type-focused brand to illustrations, infographics, and unconventional formatting. It’s easy to understand and gets potential clients excited. Strong production and takeaways convince them to hold on it and read it more than once.

Creative Direction: Max Temkin, Ben Hantoot
Design & Photography: Myself, Amy Schwartz, Sarah Gardner, Jared Sawdey

Blackbox Logo Design: Emily Haasch

Previously I’ve designed for the music and gaming industries, interactive art projects, and small publications. I pursue projects that experiment with the use of digital media, occupy physical spaces, promote community growth, and challenge expectations. Through Bad Press I help the Chicago design community grow into an active print and collaboration resource.
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