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Cards Against Humanity For Her

Art Direction
Web Design
The isn’t the first time the “pink tax” has been satirized, but as any woman will understand, we often need to repeat ourselves. Cards Against Humanity produced their game the exact same way, but in a pink box and charged $5 more. We mimicked the sickly pink, butterfly-covered design of sexist consumer goods to exaggerate how patronizing these targeted advertisements appear. The project provides a commentary about these misogynistic approaches to American marketing. We donated the profits to EMILY’s List.

As Lead Designer, I guided the Cards Against Humanity founders (all men) towards this appropriate art direction and worked with them to develop a list of ads we wanted to parody. I hired photographers and worked with them to execute these concepts in a consistent style. The website was designed and developed internally for both desktop and mobile. Cards Against Humanity for Her sold out in three days.

Creative Direction: Max Temkin, Ben Hantoot
Art Direction & Design: Myself, Sarah Gardner
Front-end Development: Ian O’Dea
Photography: Alex Wallbaum + Aleia Murowski

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