Cards Against Humanity Pop-Up Shop

Art Direction
Furniture Design
Project Management
The Cards Against Humanity Pop-Up Shop was a collaboration with the Chicago Design Museum and the game company’s first offline store. Located in a downtown Chicago shopping mall, we curated and sold exclusive Cards Against Humanity products, zines from local artists, and games made by our favorite independent creators. Cards Against Humanity actively supports Chicago’s design and gaming communities, and combining them in a single space was an exciting opportunity.  

This was the design team’s first time designing custom furniture for a physical space. We designed the space with longevity and community growth in mind. We’re in a unique position to be heavily involved with both Chicago’s design and gaming communities, so we wanted to introduce them to one another. 

Customers are invited to sit on our wooden risers and spend time learning about the products for sale. Our choice to use inexpensive materials helps the store feel more approachable. Designing a space with custom furniture and curated products was a design dream come true for both my design partner Sarah and I. I’d love to have the opportunity to work on similar projects in the future.

Collaborators: Chicago Design Museum, Blackbox
Design & Project Management: Myself, Sarah Gardner
Photography: Alexa Viscius

Previously I’ve designed for the music and gaming industries, interactive art projects, and small publications. I pursue projects that experiment with the use of digital media, occupy physical spaces, promote community growth, and challenge expectations. Through Bad Press I help the Chicago design community grow into an active print and collaboration resource.
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