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Keep Your Prayers

Textile, Risograph
Keep Your Prayers is a funeral for the timeworn and commonplace “thoughts and prayers” response to moments of crisis. When American politicians react to natural disasters and acts of violence by vocalizing their pity and donating large sums of money to charities, it perpetuates the lack of accountability that should be held by the United States government. Money and emotional sentiment will not fix these problems, only legislative action will. The font in use is Monarch, designed by Jacob Wise and released in January of 2018. Wise says it is inspired by the medieval era, and is meant to be a blend of old and new. I took this meaning and expanded on it within the context of funerals and tradition. Its elegance is reminiscent of detailed tombstone engravings and political monuments, yet the contemporary stylized details of the type invoke an unnerving feeling about the future. We must remind ourselves to ask where these problems come from and why they exist.

Free ‘In Memoriam’ cards were given away to serve as a reminder that many American politicians are more inclined to display their power and appeal to the public by donating money instead of enacting real legislative changes that will have an impact on the livelihood of American citizens. Inspired by holy cards given away at funerals, the design features an ornamental Fraktur pattern that repeats the phrase “thoughts and prayers.” It reads on forever in the shape of a chain to convey its restrictive way of dismissing critical thinking. Let’s assist each other in holding our government accountable through outspoken critique, both online and offline.

Keep Your Prayers was included in Typeforce 9, an exhibition dedicated to typography and language.

Exhibition: Typeforce

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