Basilica Soundscape 2018

Basilica SoundScape features live concert performances, conceptual sound performances, author readings, installations, collaborations, curated local vendors and artisans, on-site activities and more, creating an immersive, innovative weekend of art, music, and culture. Basilica SoundScape features a lineup of some of the most innovative and genre-pushing musicians, visual artists and writers working today, with unique collaborations across disciplines. It’s located in Hudson, New York at Basilica Hudson — founded by filmmaker Tony Stone, and musician Melissa Auf De Mar.

This year’s festival identity uses Mike Renaud’s 2017 logotype and icon system. The architecture of the space itself informed the flexible frame system found throughout the collateral.

Collaborators: Basilica Hudson, Brandon Stosuy, Melissa Auf De Mar, Mike Renaud, Alyssa BeersDesigned under Varyer

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