Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a party game for horrible people. Each round, one player asks a question from a black card, and everyone else answers with their funniest white card. 

As the Lead Designer at Cards Against Humanity, I was responsible for leading the design team with the creative direction, design, and production for all of the company’s products and marketing. We collaborated closely with the company’s founders to conceive and execute the creative vision for all projects. Here’s a list of every project I worked on.

In 2018 we won a Shorty Award and a Clio Award for the Cards Against Humanity Saves America website.

My Famicase Exhibition is an annual speculative game design invitational that takes place at METEOR in Tokyo, Japan. Artists and designers are asked to come up with an idea for an old Famicom game and design the cartridge for it.

A Clean Slate (2020)
A game about running from the skeletons hiding in your closet.

Final Dream (2018)
Help each other escape the nightmare.

Empty Heaven (2017)
A fulfilled past yields no future. Now complete, but empty; How do you begin again?

Vivid Planet (2016)
See sound waves and protect the Earth from supersonic enemies!

Cards Against Humanity Pop-Up Shop
The Cards Against Humanity Pop-Up Shop was a collaboration with the Chicago Design Museum and the game company’s first offline store. Located in a downtown Chicago shopping mall, we curated and sold exclusive Cards Against Humanity products, zines from local artists, and games made by our favorite independent creators. 

We designed the space with community growth in mind. We’re in a unique position to be heavily involved with both Chicago’s design and gaming communities, and wanted to introduce them to one another.

Collaborators: Chicago Design Museum, BlackboxDesign & Project Management: Myself, Sarah GardnerPhotography: Alexa Viscius. Designed under Cards Against Humanity

Basilica Soundscape 2018

Basilica SoundScape features live concert performances, conceptual sound performances, author readings, installations, collaborations, curated local vendors and artisans, on-site activities and more, creating an immersive, innovative weekend of art, music, and culture. Basilica SoundScape features a lineup of some of the most innovative and genre-pushing musicians, visual artists and writers working today, with unique collaborations across disciplines. It’s located in Hudson, New York at Basilica Hudson — founded by filmmaker Tony Stone, and musician Melissa Auf De Mar.

This year’s festival identity uses Mike Renaud’s 2017 logotype and icon system. The architecture of the space itself informed the flexible frame system found throughout the collateral.

Collaborators: Basilica Hudson, Brandon Stosuy, Melissa Auf De Mar, Mike Renaud, Alyssa BeersDesigned under Varyer

The Creative Independent
The Creative Independent is a growing resource of emotional and practical guidance for creative people. Their goal is to educate, inspire, and grow the community of people who create or dream of creating. Their new zine series is a compilation of quotes, excerpts, and recommendations from working artists, all gathered from TCI’s archive. The first two issues, “On making a living as an artist” and “On dealing with creative anxiety”, are available for free on their website.

The Creative Independent approached Varyer not only to design a printed collection of their creative guides, but to design a system for them to use as they release more issues. I led the creative team in developing guidelines for TCI including grids for each section, typography standards, generative image and text treatments, and a dynamic color system.

Collaborators: Alyssa Beers, Willa Köerner. Designed under Varyer

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