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Something Else is a flexible full-service design studio, providing bespoke creative solutions to likeminded* people. (*Those who strive to make thoughtful and impactful work in a collaborative setting, without sacrificing their integrity)

I started my own design practice in Februrary of 2020 after discovering I wanted more autonomy in my design process. I use a flexible agency model to build teams of designers, developers, etc. tailored to specific clients and their projects. This allows me to take on a variety of work and collaborate with new people so I can continue to learn and grow my craft. 

Select clients include Article One, Annapurna Interactive, Metric Coffee, Mom+Pop Records, and En Masse Architecture & Design.

My Famicase Exhibition is an annual speculative game design invitational that takes place at METEOR in Tokyo, Japan. Artists and designers are asked to come up with an idea for an old Famicom game and design the cartridge for it.

A Clean Slate (2020)
A game about running from the skeletons hiding in your closet.

Final Dream (2018)
Help each other escape the nightmare.

Empty Heaven (2017)
A fulfilled past yields no future. Now complete, but empty; How do you begin again?

Vivid Planet (2016)
See sound waves and protect the Earth from supersonic enemies!

Keep Your Prayers
Keep Your Prayers is a funeral for the timeworn and commonplace “thoughts and prayers” response to moments of crisis. The typeface, Monarch, portrays an elegance reminiscent of detailed tombstone engravings and political monuments, yet the contemporary stylized details of the type invoke an unnerving feeling about the future. Free ‘In Memoriam’ cards were given away to serve as a reminder to ask where these problems come from and why they exist.

Keep Your Prayers was included in Typeforce 9, an exhibition dedicated to typography and language.

Dream Eater

Dream–reality confusion (DRC) is a difficulty or an impossibility to determine whether an event or an experience took place during wakefulness or if it was the content of a dream. […] Individuals prone to DRC—in comparison with those who rarely or do not at all experience DRC—more often experience various sleep-related phenomena, and they also have higher neuroticism, thinner boundaries, higher dream recall frequency, and more involved attitudes toward dreams.” (Source: The Phenomenology of Dream-Reality Confusion: A Quantitative Study.)

TL;DR: I designed this while I was depressed and playing a lot of Kingdom Hearts.

Dream Eater was a part of JUMBO MUMBO, a group art show that aimed to find things that are bigger than they should be. 

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